Fiction trends 2020

Whether it is print or digital publishing or the print industry, continues many trends that began taking hold in The strongest developments relate to niche development and search engine optimization SEO with development of online communities a strong contender for the top trend, too.

Niche publishers continue to flourish and they will increase in popularity, especially in the digital publishing realm. That business is shaped by the emerging trends though.

Nearly every trend shares one ultimate focus — drawing more traffic to their web properties. Digital publishers especially want quality visitors to their websites, e-books and social media platforms. That means a concerted effort towards SEO and audience growth through better marketing. Google and its constant tweak of its algorithms create a new challenge for publishers since it and other search engines are necessary for reliable and consistent traffic.

Building the audience only begins the process. Publishers also need to monetize traffic and one trend is their development of new revenue streams.

But, with mobile use continually growing, users expect all content to load just as quickly and easily on their phone as on their computer. Ironically, publishers have deserted traditional media themselves. Less than ten percent said they got their industry information from AdAge or AdWeek or another print publication. More than 70 percent turned to a combination of blogs and forums to get their industry information.

As far as use as a news platform, the most avoided sources were Facebook and Instagram. More than 50 percent of publishers indicated Facebook as the least trustworthy platform. It lacks transparency and has reduced Facebook page reach, adding to its unpopularity with the publishing sector. In regards to content, the trend is for long-form written content which lends itself to SEO.

Second to it is video content. The publishing and printing trends of continue to drive more people away from print and a larger audience online.Once cast as a far-off future or, at least, moderately far future setting for speculative sci-fi movies, real-world calendars have finally caught up. What did screenwriters think the world would be facing in the year ? Not for the astronauts in the story or, probably, for DePalma. At least commercially, his movies have largely failed to launch since this abortive voyage.

Instead, the mission will seek signs of habitable past conditions on Mars, including microbial life. As far as the possibility of a crewed mission to Mars is concerned, our faith rests with Elon Musk who has been talking about just such a mission for years.

In the movie: Byhuman boxers have been replaced by robots.

fiction trends 2020

Washed-up former boxer Hugh Jackman has been replaced as part of this automation wave. He teams up with his estranged son to build and train a kickass new fighting robot that can finally be the champion he never was. Imagine Rocky if it was made by the team at Boston Dynamics. In real life: A growing number of people are concerned about the impact automation is going to have on the job market.

There have been some impressive advances in robots that can emulate the movements of their human controllers, too. Unfortunately, the most concerted attempt to make fighting robots a real thing — the company MegaBots — collapsed in In the movie: The majority of Europe has been overtaken by an alien invasion force.

It uses newly developed mech suits to give soldiers augmented fighting capabilities. In real life: No alien forces arriving by comet, although Brexit has proven a bit disruptive in Europe. The mech suits were a good shout, though. Sarcos Robotics is one of several companies working to make augmented exosuits a reality. These suits will enable wearers to carry out impressive feats of strength, such as lifting and manipulating pound objects without breaking a sweat. A drilling operation is taking place, which winds up disturbing a civilization of reptile creatures called Silurians who live under the surface.

As the former rulers of Earth, they decide they want their planet back. Hijinks ensue. No lizard master race as of yet. In the movie: What is it with writers assuming that would be the year in which the U. Confusingly, the movie previews give the date asbut the movie itself describes it as being Dragons, it turns out, helped kill the dinosaurs. This is told to us through newspaper clippings. It did, admittedly, nail how crucial Bale, McConaughey, and to a slightly lesser extent Butler would be to humanity, though.

In the movie: In the imagined in this Roger Corman cheapie freely adapted from the Soviet science fiction movie Planeta BurEarth has colonized the Moon. Astronauts travel to Venus, discovering a prehistoric world full of dinosaurs, monstrous plants, and assorted dodgy special effects.

We do, however, have another mission or several planned to land on it. And plans to use the Moon as a possible DNA data bank to keep a record of all civilization.

Alas, no dinosaurs!T he new year kicks off with a crop of inspiring new books, from nonfiction examinations of some of the biggest questions shaping our culture to page-turning fiction delving into stories of inner strength.

Several of the most anticipated books coming out in January dissect what it means to be part of a family.

2020 Spring Reading List

Koh revisits letters her mother sent her during years spent apart. Here, the 12 new books you should read this January.

Here’s what all the movies set in 2020 predicted this year would be like

By examining her own midlife crisis, memoirist Ada Calhoun asks why she, like other Generation X women she knows, is overwhelmed and exhausted in her middle age. Through researching trends like divorce data and housing costs, she argues that Gen X women encounter unique anxieties many of which are related to money that set them apart from Boomers and Millennials. When poet E.

Koh was 15 years old, her family split apart after her father received a compelling job offer in South Korea. Koh was left behind in California with her older brother while her parents moved thousands of miles away in what was supposed to be a temporary arrangement. Years later, she breaks down those letters, unraveling a moving portrait of abandonment, forgiveness and the strength of maternal love.

A slew of mysterious murders of women in a Philadelphia neighborhood already devastated by the opioid crisis leaves police officer Mickey Fitzpatrick on edge. Buy Now: Long Bright River. That conversation sets in motion a series of discussions on longing, lust and power. Topics of Conversation moves forward in time, finding the narrator reflecting on many parts of life—motherhood, marriage and more—as she speaks to a variety of women in the years that follow. Buy Now: Topics of Conversation.

After the death of her physicist mother, a young Chinese-American woman is determined to learn more about her parents. Buy Now: Little Gods. In a rural Indian village, a surgeon is ready to leave work and go home for the night when a family appears at his clinic. They have recently been murdered, but explain to the surgeon that if he can fix their injuries before sunrise, they will live again. Night Theater captures what happens that night as the surreal premise gives way to a broader discussion of health care, mortality and the afterlife.

Buy Now: Night Theater. One day, a man she does not know appears at her store and buys some books—a simple act that leads to catastrophic consequences. Buy Now: American Dirt. One story focuses on an eccentric parking garage attendant and her relationship with her work space. Another explores the dating life of a divorced teacher in the midst of an apocalypse. Posing biting questions about identity, sexuality and trauma, Show Them a Good Time is an offbeat yet moving look at contemporary womanhood.

Run Me to Earth begins in the s, when the orphans are teenagers living in a bombed-out hospital. There, they team up with a doctor to distribute supplies and help the injured in the midst of the devastation and destruction. But things complicate as the Vietnam War drags on, leaving the characters to grapple with their understandings of loss, safety and survival.

Buy Now: Run Me to Earth. The latest novel from the author of How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe is centered around a young man with big dreams. Buy Now: Interior Chinatown. Write to Annabel Gutterman at annabel. By Annabel Gutterman. Related Stories. Get The Brief. Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now. Please enter a valid email address. Sign Up Now. Check the box if you do not wish to receive promotional offers via email from TIME.To vote on existing books from the list, beside each book there is a link vote for this book clicking it will add that book to your votes.

To vote on books not in the list or books you couldn't find in the list, you can click on the tab add books to this list and then choose from your books, or simply search. Discover new books on Goodreads. Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Join Goodreads. New historical fiction titles being released in Rose Goodreads Author. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Nancy Bilyeau Goodreads Author. Beatriz Williams Goodreads Author.

Stephanie Marie Thornton. Marie Benedict Goodreads Author. Ariel Lawhon Goodreads Author. Alison Weir. Gortner Goodreads Author. Alyssa Palombo Goodreads Author. Kerri Maher Goodreads Author. Carrie Callaghan Goodreads Author. Hilary Mantel Goodreads Author. Ellen Lindseth Goodreads Author.

Karen Harper Goodreads Author. Simone St.They are journeys you can make to the far side of the universe and still be back in time for dinner.

fiction trends 2020

Deadlines and details do sometimes change, so please check the relevant websites for all the latest terms and conditions. The top 20 finalists will be published in a Scottish Arts Club Anthology. The closing deadline is 29 February. The winning work will be performed and recorded live at a Selected Shorts performance at Symphony Space and published on Electric Literature.

Entries should be words or less. The closing deadline is 1 March. Stories may be up to words in length and all entries will be considered for publication. The winner will receive a two-night stay at the historic Grantley Hall in Yorkshire, England, and the chance to see their work published. There is no entry fee. The closing deadline is 13 March. There are no theme restrictions, but stories must be at least 10 pages or words but no more than 50 pages 12, words. The closing deadline is 14 March.

Desperate Literature Short Fiction Prize will be awarded for an original work of short fiction under words. The closing deadline is 15 March. Limnisa Short Story Competition invites stories up to words inspired in some loose way by this picture. The closing deadline is 29 March. F r iction Spring Contest is open to short fiction between and words, as well as creative nonfiction and poetry.

Entries close on 31 March. Entries may be up to words. A limited number of free entries are available to writers for whom the fee would be a barrier to entry. The closing deadline is 31 March.

Pieces are recommended to be between and words in length. The closing deadline is 15 April. Bath Short Story Award is open to stories up to words in length. The deadline for entries is 20 April. Reid Short Story Contest is open to original short stories on any theme. Entries should be a maximum of words. The closing deadline is 30 April. Stories may be up to words and entrants must be Australian residents.

Craft Short Fiction Prize is for stories up to words. Entries open on 1 March and close on 30 April. Entries are expected to open in March and close in May.How has your new year gone so far? My janetlane. Audiobook sales to soar. Disturbingly for traditionally published authors, the Big Five publishers, as well as smaller publishers, now demand audio rights in their publishing contracts.

Many have also brought their audiobook production in-house. Marginalized authors see ownvoicesencouraged by burgeoning sales and awards earned by ethnic authors, will enjoy increased sales. More mid-list author orphans as publishers abandon them in favor of the tried-and-true bestselling authors. These orphaned authors will likely turn to self-publishing and ebooks. External marketing pressure will make the Big Five more cautious in their acquisitions. Those pressures come from Brexit as it affects multinational corporations, VATs, increased tariffs for Canadian paper and the trade wars with China.

Subdued self-pubbed ebook sales. Indie sales will level off, not reaching the great numbers of the last several years. Until caught they made a good haul, but legitimate authors suffered.

Thievery continues to take its toll. Many more honest authors, tormented by plagiarism, will grow discouraged and stop investing the work required to write quality novels.

Scam services will unfortunately continue to flourish. Increased indie author collaboration on marketing and series. This predicted by Written Word Media. Organic reach will continue to decline.

fiction trends 2020

As Facebook withdraws the accessibility of organic reach free Facebook readersauthors will be forced to advertise. Both traditionally published and indie authors must run ads to compete. Global reading will flourish. To finish my dozen trends, Joanna Penn shares these impressive statistics.

Of course, predictions are only as good as the crystal ball used to divine them. Thank you. And what is likely to come. Great research, Janet!

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.Digitalisation and industry 4. Analog and digital worlds are merging, vast amounts of data provide the foundation for pinpoint production decisions, companies are merging digitally, product and production are in digital dialogue.

Industry 4. One of the Top Techn Trends in is hyper-automation. Sounds like science fiction, but simply means that machines are gaining much more automation and are networking ever more with people or other machines.

The goal is to make production processes transparent, increase quality and performance and — at the same time — automate more processes. The next step is to make the platform available to other industrial companies in the future. Anyone who has ever experienced a computer game through Virtual Reality glasses knows what we mean. Multi-experience is one of the most important trends that will revolutionize the user experience in very different areas of daily life.

New standards will be set here in the years to come. If, for example, a stairlift is to be installed in a private household, our customer advisors rely on HoloLinc technology. With this technology, we can measure the stairwell precisely and thus reduce the delivery time by a factor of four. According to experts, digital solutions will make extensive training obsolete in the future. Therefore, professional knowledge will be much easier to access, for everyone, everywhere and not just in institutions such as universities.

Historical Fiction 2020

This is made possible by easy-to-understand tools that non-professionals can use, e. Coding for beginners, so to speak. In the future, it could be possible to learn complex facts anywhere in the world and at any time. Thinking of human augmentation, science fiction films or spy thrillers come to mind, in which the hero has a chip transplanted into his hand so that he can be contacted at all times. The development of human augmentation will probably not be quite as far-reaching yet, but the implantation of technology into the human body will continue to progress in years to come.

The goal of human augmentation: cognitive and physical improvements in human experience. In Sweden, for example, every fifth employee of a TUI subsidiary already carries a microchip in their hands and uses it for their daily work. The compartments can be accessed with the chip. You can also activate the printers.

I really appreciate the fact that I can use it to open the doors at the entrance and in the building. After all, I never forget my hand.

In road traffic, too, humans and robots will increasingly reach their destination together. Steering systems that do not require a continuous mechanical connection between the steering wheel and the wheels.

As in airplanes, the steering command is transmitted entirely electrically. This means that the driver will soon be able to use the space in front of him for completely different things. Our experts have even developed a retractable steering column for this scenario. Together with the customers, the steering experts are now working on developing this technology to series maturity.

Until then, we simply keep navigating through the present with the steering wheel. Other examples are autonomous passenger boarding bridges of our elevator experts. These intelligent solutions simplify complicated and time-consuming processes, avoid mistakes and ensure a smooth experience for the passengers. In addition, they optimize the standing times of the aircraft at the gate.

Consumers are increasingly aware that their personal information is valuable and requires protection. Companies recognize the increasing risk of managing personal information — the strict General Data Protection Regulation is an example of the growing need for more control over how important data is handled.


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