Rdr2 multiple endings reddit

While we know that the game is a prequel, not many more details about where is Red Dead Redemption 2 set are given.

rdr2 multiple endings reddit

However, it has actually been revealed both the year and setting that the game takes place in. In fact, we know exactly how many years before it.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Year and Setting: Where is RDR2 Set?

The original RDR is set in the year during the decline of the American frontier. As for the answer to when is Red Dead Redemption 2 set, it is placed 12 years before that game. RDR2 begins in the year just before the turn of the century. In fact, characters in the game do mention that a new century is coming. We know more than just the year that the game takes place in, too.

As for the specific states that it takes place in, that is more left up to the player to decide. All of the five major states the game takes place in are made up. In addition, several of them are amalgamations of multiple real states.

The state in the north of Ambarino is possibly Montana. The city of Saint Denis in the screenshot above is clearly based on New Orleans while the rest of the state of Lemoyne is a mix of places like Louisiana, East Texas, Georgia, and others.

New Hanover could be a mix of North Carolina and other eastern states. Meanwhile, the city of Blackwater in West Elizabeth could be St. Louis, Missouri. This is all speculation, though, until Rockstar confirms the inspiration for each location.

Skip to content. Search for:. Cody Perez 1 year ago Facebook. Older Posts.The Red Dead Redemption 2 story mode is a rather linear affair. Most of the story missions don't offer players any choice, and the ones that do only include minor choices which don't alter the course of the story in any major way.

There are ways, however, to alter some of the ending sequences of the game, with a final choice in the last mission in Chapter 6 changing the ending in a major way. As we are going to focus on how to get all of the endings available in the story mode, this guide is going to feature huge spoilers almost immediately, so avoid reading this instant if you have yet to see any of the two endings.

RDR2: Honorable or Dishonorable Which Way Should You Play?

The Honor system in Red Dead Redemption 2 story mode influences a couple of sequences in significant ways. Depending on your current rating, Arthur will react differently to learning that he has contracted tuberculosis and that he doesn't have long to live.

If he's been honorable, he'll take the news in an almost serene way, deciding to do good with the time he has left. If he's been dishonorable, however, he won't take it that well, but will still resolve to do all he can to help some of his fellow gang members get to safety, especially John Marston and his family.

The Honor system also influences some of the story sequences following the big reveal of Arthur's sickness. During specific story events, Arthur will have visions of two different animals, a wolf is he's dishonorable and deer if he's honorable. These changes are small, but they manage to represent Arthur's current state of mind and how he feels about the end of his life that's quickly approaching. No matter the current honor rating, which ending you get depends entirely on a single choice that can be made during the Red Dead Redemption mission, the final one in Chapter 6.

A shootout will ensue at the camp, and Arthur and John will try to make their escape from their former companions. At a certain point during the escape sequence, John will inform Arthur that the money Dutch stashed away to make the gang's escape from America is still where it was left.

Later on, Arthur will be presented with a choice: go back to get the money, or help John escape with his life. If you choose the first option, you will get on the path of the "bad" ending. If you decide to get the money, you will go back in the cave where you will be confronted by Micah. The duel between the two outlaws will end in a draw, and Dutch will step in to stop Arthur from killing the traitor. Arthur will still try to make Dutch see reason, but it will be in vain.

Micah will then shoot a dying Arthur in the face while laughing. You will also get a scene with a wolf, which indicates that you have taken a dishonorable path. While the bad ending isn't particularly bad, it's definitely not in line with the way Arthur approached life after discovering he was sick, as he was resolved in letting, at the very least, John and his family escape, trying to give them a chance to finally start over. If you choose to help John make his escape, you will be set on the good ending path, and you will end up fighting a lot of Pinkertons on the cliffs.

Once you have killed enough, Micah will make his appearance, and the two outlaw will fight against one another with only their fists as their weapons. Like in the bad ending, Dutch will eventually appear to stop Arthur from killing Micah.

At this point, Arthur, now very close to death, will tell his former companions that he tried to change, unlike them. Dutch will stop Micah from finishing Arthur, letting him die in peace.

The good ending is definitely more in line with Arthur's character, and definitely more satisfactory, as it shows how he indeed managed to redeem himself after a life of crime. A short sequence with a deer will also play, indicating that Arthur chose an honorable path when deciding to help John Marston make his escape. No matter the obtained ending, the game will continue with the Epilogue, where players will experience for themselves how John went from being an outlaw to a farmer.

The final mission of the epilogue also brings closure to the story, giving players a final look at Dutch before he disappears untilwhen the original Red Dead Redemption takes place. While not an ending, there's a special cutscene in the Red Dead Redemption mission which is only played if you have reached the maximum bond level with your horse.

It's a very emotional one, so get tissues ready, it's hard not to be moved by it.Metro Exodus sees Artyom and the rest of The Order leave the tunnels of Moscow and venture out into the open world of Russia. Since the game has multiple endings, you may be wondering what the differences are. Here are all Metro Exodus endings explained. For the most part, the story will follow the same path for both endings, seeing Miller and Artyom head into the Dead City to retrieve the antidote for Anna.

You take control of the wheel and drive along, stopping by some train tracks. Artyom then falls asleep and wakes up the next morning, just as the Aurora is arriving. You lean over to check that the antidote is still there and find that Miller has died in the seat next to you, from radiation exposure.

This is where the two Metro Exodus endings begin to differ. Katya and some of the crew start to organize giving Artyom a blood transfusion, and they work out what his blood type is. As they do so, Artyom begins to drift in and out of consciousness. The first vision is of Artyom lying down in a Metro tunnel as a mutant bat climbs on top of him.

He then returns to the Aurora crew giving him blood before briefly seeing more of the tunnel. Then, as the Aurora crew talk about running out of blood supplies, the train hits Artyom. This is where the Metro Exodus bad ending truly differs. Artyom now wanders through the train that is trashed and covered in blood, ending up at the front of the train, with it being filled with skulls and looking like a shrine of sorts. Miller then walks in and it becomes clear that Artyom has died.

The scene then fades to white before returning to what looks like that place on the postcard. The camera pans out from the edge of the cliff, showing two graves.

Anna is shown mourning for Artyon, lamenting how he gave everything up for her, before we see the rest of the crew in Metro Exodus. The good ending in Metro Exodus is generally very similar to the bad one, seeing Miller die waiting for the Aurora and Artyom being given a blood transfusion, but Artyom does not die.

Instead, he takes over as the leader of the crew. A few of the other characters in Metro Exodus talk to Artyom before he begins to wake up. Then, you see a vision of him and Miller talking at Lake Baikal, which is the lake from the postcard and end scene of the bad ending.

Miller tells Artyom that he was right to want to leave the Moscow metro and seek a better life, and that he was just scared to do so. It then spins away from the conversation with Miller as Anna begs Artyom to stay with her, and Miller then tells him to look after her.

Miller ends by saying that his time is at an end and asks you to lead them. Finally, to end the Metro Exodus good ending, you see a scene similar to the one that ends the bad ending, with the camera panning away from the cliff, but this time revealing just one grave as Anna and Artyom watch on.

Essentially, in the good ending Miller dies and Artyom survives to lead The Order, and in the bad ending both of them die.As players begin to approach the end of the game, many are wondering about the Red Dead Redemption 2 endings.

Are there multiple endings to the main story? If so, how many exactly are there? These are the types of questions that players are wondering. In this guide, we are going to go over just how many endings there are so you know ahead of time. In addition, this guide will be completely spoiler-free. Yes, there is more than one ending to Red Dead Redemption 2. While it is a mostly straightforward story, you can affect which ending you end up with when the credits roll. Indeed, just like that game, there are more than one ending to choose from.

In fact, if you want to know how many exactly, there are a total of three possible endings. Your choices decide which of these three you get. This is so we can keep this post entirely spoiler-free for players who are simply looking ahead.

However, we do recommend that you pause the game when the time comes and think carefully, if necessary. Skip to content. Search for:. Cody Perez 1 year ago Facebook. Older Posts.Upon defeat, the Hollow Knight dies and the Knight absorbs the infection into themselves. The Knight is then sealed inside the Black Egg and the game ends.

Also unlocks the Infected menu style. Near the end of the fight, Hornet will swoop in and fracture the Hollow Knight's shell with her needle before restraining them and giving The Knight an opening.

If the Knight strikes the boss enough times while they are restrained or the Knight takes too much time to use the Dream Nail on the Hollow Knight, they break free, knocking Hornet unconscious, and the fight continues. This triggers an ending where, in addition to the events of the first ending, Hornet is also sealed inside, the shape of her head appearing on the door similar to how the Dreamers ' masks appeared before.

At the end of this fight, the Hollow Knight returns as a Shade that rips open the Radiance's face, allowing the Knight to lash at her until she is eventually dragged into the Void and banished. After the Radiance is defeated, the Infection is purged and the Black Egg vanishes from the temple. Hornet wakes up to find the Knight's shell broken in half at the centre of a crater in the room, implying the Knight has either died or returned to the Void. The scene changes to a shot of the Abyss where the Siblings can be seen sinking down into the ground, finally put to rest with the end of The Radiance.

Red Dead Redemption 2 News, Forums, Wiki, Guides, Cheats - RDR2.org

The Knight first needs to unlock the Pantheon of Hallownest by conquering all pantheons before it. After fighting through all of the Pantheon the Knight is met with the final boss: Absolute Radiance. Upon Absolute Radiance's defeat, the Knight's shell splits open and their Shade falls into the roiling mass of void below. Soon after the screen flashes and suddenly the Void Entity appears in the Knight's place.

After prying open Absolute Radiance's face, the Void Entity then proceeds to slash and rip at her until she eventually explodes into Essence. The scene shifts again to inside the Temple of the Black Egg where Hornet stares perplexed at the shrivelling vines of the Infection. A figure dragging chains suddenly lurches out which causes Hornet to ready her guard. This figure, although unspecified, is believed to be the Hollow Knight ; now free from their duty to contain The Radiance.

The events that play out prior are the exact same as Embrace the Void. However, just as the Void tentacles start to burst out from Godseeker a drop of Void lands on the Delicate Flower which is being held by the dying bug.

In a brilliant white flash, the Godseeker and the Void disappear leaving only the flower upon the ground with a tinge of black on one of its petals. The scene that follows is the same as with Embrace the Void. It ends with Hornet in the Temple of the Black Egg. After any other ending, if Mister Mushroom's quest has been completed by listening to him in all areas in a certain order, a cutscene will play after the main cutscene depicting Mister Mushroom flying off into the sky.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Categories :.You just purchased a digital copy of Red Dead Redemption 2. It should be ready to install by this evening, right? Sadly … no. How long does Red Dead Redemption 2 take to download? The exact length of time it takes to download RDR2 depends on your console, connection, and other factors. You are going to need GB free to install and play this game it depends on your platform.

So that should give you some forewarning that this is going to be a long, slow download. As to the actual number of hours you can expect, we have seen a pretty wide range. Others have reported up to Basically, you should steel yourself for the possibility that you will not be playing RDR2 the day you start your download. Consider getting it started the night before.

rdr2 multiple endings reddit

Maybe by the time school or work lets out the next day, it will be done. On the bright side, this game will give you many hours of adventure in the open world Wild West. If you still need something to do while you are waiting, why not check out some of our RDR2 guides? By the time your download is completed, you should know everything you need in order to jump right in!

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rdr2 multiple endings reddit

Stacey Powers 1 year ago Facebook. Older Posts.Looking to get the best ending in Red Dead Redemption 2? If you decide to help John, you will fight your way up the mountain with him before agreeing to hold off the Pinkerton agents to allow him to escape. Arthur still dies if you win the fight, but he gets a peaceful death, looking out over the mountain. If you go for the money, it plays out largely the same. The difference is that you fight back to the camp and head into the cave for the money.

On the way out, you fight Micah in the burning remnants of the camp. You know what to do. Now go have a cry. If you want to get rich quickfind a fence or want to know where to hunt legendary animalsthen check out our complete Red Dead Redemption 2 guide here. Right, our cowboy gloves are off. Help John If you decide to help John, you will fight your way up the mountain with him before agreeing to hold off the Pinkerton agents to allow him to escape.

Go for the money If you go for the money, it plays out largely the same. Which Red Dead Redemption 2 ending is the best? Enable JavaScript to sign up to our newsletter.


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