Recommendation on vouchers

In brief, what the communication conveys is that consumers retain the cash refund as a primary means of reimbursement, and, while they can be offered vouchers, it is entirely their decision to accept these or not.

The EU Commission today offers advice to member States and travel providers on how best to manage the provision of vouchers for cancelled services. The Commission suggests that vouchers could be an attractive option for consumers where there are State guarantees in place along with other incentives. It refers to:. As re-routing is not possible in most cases under the present circumstances, the de facto choice is between several reimbursement options, of which the most important are: a full cash refund, a voucher and a credit note.

Under the currently applicable European Union legislation, the reimbursement can be made in either cash including electronically or in the form of a voucher. Nevertheless, reimbursement by means of a voucher is only possible if the passenger agrees. In this context, the organiser may offer the traveller reimbursement in the form of a voucher, but travellers can still request a cash refund.

Similarly, where changes to a package travel contract, such as a postponement, substitution or termination occur, a voucher may also be offered by the organiser, provided that travellers are not deprived of their right to cash reimbursement.

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The liquidity problems of organisers are exacerbated by the fact that they have to reimburse the full price of the package to the traveller while they do not themselves always receive reimbursement of prepaid services that form part of the package in due time.

In order to remedy the situation above, the European Commission recommends that:. The European Commission recommends further flexibility when it comes to vouchers which:. Finally, for the successful implementation of these recommendations, the European Commission advises that:.

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Specifies in clear detail the financial means with which European states and European businesses can bolster their liquidities EU emergency funds, state aid, business reliefs that will subsequently allow them to operate refunds, when asked by consumers. Recommends clear and achievable ways for both EU states and businesses to make vouchers more attractive to consumers.

recommendation on vouchers

Having prepared the ground for both countries and businesses to revive the travel and transport industries across the European Union, the Commission appeals to individual consumers, as well as to representative consumer rights organisations and enforcement authorities to help foster reasonable cooperation between the trade and the consumer on the matter of refunds and vouchers. This would help to ease the liquidity problems of carriers and organisers and could ultimately lead to better protection of the interests of passengers and travellers.This committee was formed to assist in pay voucher review on court appointed cases.

This committee can also review vouchers where the judge has already disapproved all or part of the requested amount of payment. In this case, the voucher can be referred to the General Administrative Counsel for the Criminal District Courts by the judge, defense attorney, investigator, or expert, and the General Administrative Counsel for the Criminal District Courts will request review by the Voucher Recommendation Committee.

Members of the committee are selected by the current president, and their names are submitted for approval by a majority vote of the Criminal District Court Judges. Members serve 2 year terms. The committee has limited investigatory powers, such as access to jail records to verify jail visits, contact with the attorney who prepared the voucher, and requests to the attorney to produce information to corroborate claims on the voucher.

The committee then makes non-binding recommendations in writing to the judge presiding over the voucher. This motion must be filed within 21 days from the date the attorney receives notice of the disapproval of payment. On the filing of a motion, the presiding judge of the administrative judicial region shall review the disapproval of payment and determine the appropriate amount of payment.

In reviewing the disapproval, the presiding judge of the administrative judicial region may conduct a hearing. Not later than the 45th day after the date an application for payment of a fee is submitted, Bexar County shall pay to the appointed counsel the amount that is approved by the presiding judge of the administrative judicial region and that is in accordance with the adopted fee schedule.

Skip to Main Content. Criminal District Court Judges. Remote Attorney Visitation. Court Interpreters. Court Reporters. Voucher Recommendation Committee. Zoom Plea Process Webinar. Arrow Left Arrow Right.Don't shy away from using simple designs just because you think they might not be able to stand out from the fancier ones. Many people actually prefer simple and minimalist designs because they look cleaner and more professional, and they put more emphasis on the important details.

Available in MS WordAdobe PhotoshopIllustratorPublisherand Apple Pagesour Simple Voucher Templates are guaranteed to be high-quality and easily editable, you can start handing out vouchers right away to attract new customers and retain old ones. Go ahead, subscribe or premium templates now. As the name suggests, a simple voucher can be defined as a voucher that has a simple or minimalist design. A sample voucheron the other hand, is a small piece of paper that entitles its holder to discounts, although there are also other vouchers that actually have a cash value.

How can you make your voucher attract the attention of people while still keeping it simple? We'll tell you how and we'll do it in just six simple steps. Refer to the instructions below to learn how a minimalist voucher design is capable of generating leads. For you to pull off something according to how it should be, it might be best to embody the theme which in this case, is simplicity or minimalism.

A minimalist design can be characterized by having fewer than usual elements and focuses more on features that actually emphasize on delivering the information. If you are able to pull it off correctly, a simple design may look better than fancy ones. If you can't even tell yourself why you're creating vouchers, then how can you persuade people to take note of it?

Before you can start creating your vouchers, you need to explain to yourself why you need to do it and what's your basic plan to do with it afterward. Just think of this as a motivation wherein it'll help guide you on what to do.

Perhaps now you already have a clearer picture of your voucher's design and what elements you can add to it. With that concept, you can start gathering all the elements you need for the design as well as the content.

When preparing the content, you may want to write them in bullet points for easy reference, and make sure to also provide a sample list of terms and conditions. By using a graphics editing tool such as Photoshop or Illustratoror a document processing application such as MS WordPublisheror Apple Pagesyou can start working on your voucher's design. Be mindful, though, that while all of those are excellent tools, graphics editors lean more towards the graphical aspects of the design while document processors are more on the text.

Simply choose an application that is most applicable to you. By using the same tool that you used for creating the voucher ticket design, you can start adding the content based on the details that you have gathered in the previous step.

recommendation on vouchers

However, you may be allowed to use a different tool for this as long as it is compatible with the one you used previously. As always, don't forget to proofread the content after adding it, especially in the terms and conditions section. Some people prefer to get their hands on an already printed voucher while others prefer to download, edit, and print it themselves. Do whichever is more convenient for you although you are allowed to do both if you want to.

The bottom line here is that you are able to produce simple vouchers that businesses can use for entitling their customers to special discounts. Ready-Made Simple Voucher Templates. Editable Salon voucher template PRO. Blank Salon voucher template PRO. Previous 1 2 Next Last. What Is a Simple Voucher? How to Create a Simple Voucher.

Embrace the Nature of Simple or Minimalist Designs For you to pull off something according to how it should be, it might be best to embody the theme which in this case, is simplicity or minimalism.

Explain to Yourself the Purpose of Your Simple Vouchers If you can't even tell yourself why you're creating vouchers, then how can you persuade people to take note of it? Prepare the Necessary Content and Elements Perhaps now you already have a clearer picture of your voucher's design and what elements you can add to it.The voluntary vouchers should be protected against insolvency of the issuer, with a minimum validity period of 12 months, and be refundable after at most one year, if not redeemed.

They should also provide passengers sufficient flexibility, should allow the passengers to travel on the same route under the same service conditions or the travellers to book a package travel contract with the same type of services or of equivalent quality.

European Commission on Vouchers/Package Travel Directive and more

They should also be transferable to another traveller. COVID Recommendation on vouchers offered to passengers and travellers as an alternative to reimbursement for cancelled package travel and transport services. Previous Next. Related Posts. Search news. Consumer Market Scoreboard February 2nd, How digital is your country? New figures reveal progress needed towards a digital Europe March 3rd, Good news for consumers in the car rental sector July 16th, EU publishes guidelines to prepare for Brexit transition end July 10th, COVID Recommendation on vouchers offered to passengers and travellers as an alternative to reimbursement for cancelled package travel and transport services May 14th, The EU Commission recommends that travel vouchers for trips that had to be cancelled because of the coronavirus should be valid for at least one year.

recommendation on vouchers

According to this recommendation, airlines and travel providers should grant customers the same flight and travel conditions in their vouchers as in the original booking.

Those who ultimately decide not to use their voucher, after all, should have the right to full reimbursement - up to twelve months after the voucher was issued.

Member States are being called upon to guarantee such vouchers. This should encourage customers not to insist on a refund. This decision is driving airlines crazy. In other words: the fact that the EU has not decided, but only recommends, leaves a great deal of room for interpretation.

In addition, the EU ignored the airlines' request for an emergency suspension of the EU Passenger Rights Act allowing reimbursements to be made at a later point in time.

The associations went on to write: "The EU recommendation is disappointing and confusing because the recommendations are not binding but raise expectations regarding the terms of the vouchers. Some airlines are perhaps better placed than others to meet the conditions formulated by the EU. Moreover, the recommendations may be interpreted differently in different EU markets, which encourages market distortion.

Likewise, passengers remain uncertain as to what they can now expect in concrete terms from the travel voucher schemes, especially as these will differ from country to country". The airline associations seem to be able to get along with the other recommendations of the EU - for example, that airlines do not have to keep the middle seats free, but that passengers within the EU in aeroplanes and at airports are subject to compulsory masking.

At least not a word is written about this. As of 2 May, according to the associations, around 9. This may be in accordance with the law, but this law was never formulated to deal with such mass cancellations. That is why the airlines had wanted to change the regulation of air passenger rights at least temporarily since March, by the emergency law.

Despite early negotiations, nothing has now been decided on this. Thomas Reynaert, Managing Director of A4E, explains: "Passengers have a clear right to reimbursement of their tickets. However, we believe that a voucher or a delayed refund is a fair and reasonable compromise, given the unprecedented liquidity problems of many airlines". The fact that the EU had not even responded to this was a "huge disappointment".

Now up to 6. Sylviane Lust, Director General of AIRE, explains: "This catastrophic situation will ultimately harm consumers, as it will mean fewer routes and higher prices. We needed real leadership from the EU Commission, with uniform rules for all airlines, and now we are getting the opposite, with recommendations that only distort the market".We work with the finest growers to bring you the best quality plants.

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About Gift Voucher Plants make great gifts! HELP Need to get in touch? Just use the help widget to send a message to the team. Customer service opening hours: Monday to Sunday 9ampm Live chat is available 10am-5pm Monday to Friday Contact details.BRUSSELS Reuters - EU airlines and travel companies should offer vouchers for flights and holidays cancelled due to the coronavirus that are valid for at least 12 months, the European Commission says in recommendations to help revive travel and tourism in Europe.

The recommendations, outlined in a document seen by Reuters and due to be presented on Wednesday, seek to make vouchers attractive to passengers who may otherwise demand full refunds. The EU recommendations fall short of suspending the refund rules, but appear to offer a compromise in a bid to help cash-drained airlines and travel companies. The Commission will also recommend that vouchers are covered by member states against insolvency, according to the document.

The vouchers should also offer the same services and route - in case of a flight - and travel conditions as the original booking. Airlines across Europe, including Lufthansa and Air France-KLM, have sought state rescues as coronavirus lockdowns have forced them to ground their fleets for more than a month, with no end in sight. Customers who end up not using the vouchers, would be automatically reimbursed up to 14 days after the end of the validity period.

For vouchers that are valid for more than a year, passengers should be able to ask for a full cash refund until 12 months after the vouchers are issued, according to the document.

To ease the burden on airlines and travel companies most affected, the EU also called on consumer and passenger organisations at all levels to encourage travellers to accept the vouchers instead of reimbursement. However, the law that protects customers regarding their travel rights is not suspended and the new guidance is not legally binding, meaning it is up to the consumer to accept a voucher or full cash refund. Discover Thomson Reuters. Directory of sites. United States.

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