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Conceptualized by Wunderman Thompson South Asia, a video series for each day of the week was created. The Sunsilk girl is always on the go and making the most of the opportunities life has to offer. However, during the lockdown she feels restricted and has to make do with not going out, seeing her friends and generally living her life to the fullest. Hence the idea of DIY lockdownhairstyles for every day of the week was born. Conceptualized, written, directed and edited by Wunderman Thompson, South Asia, a video series for each day of the week was created.

Sunsilk wanted to encourage young girls to make an effort to look good for themselves for any and every reason every day, particularly during a lockdown. The DIY three-step easy hairstyle videos enable girls to feel a world of a difference with something as simple as a hairdo and have fun while doing it.

All episodes in this series were self-shot on a phone and through zoom.

Sunsilk encourages young girls to be unstoppable

Through each episode and each new look, the emphasis was on ways to find the good even during this challenging time. Through Sunsilkgirlgiri lockdownhairstyles, girls are being encouraged to participate and send in their innovative hairdos. Voltas Beko DVC tells us how washing dishes during pandemic can be fun 13 minutes ago. V-Bath latest's campaign focuses on women's intimate hygiene 18 hours ago. Recap: The Week That Was 1 day ago. How Amul won hearts with tasteful creatives in testing times 3 days ago.

Committee recommends appointing online data regulator for India 6 days ago. Home Advertising News. Sunsilk inspires girls to look and feel good through lockdownhairstyles Conceptualized by Wunderman Thompson South Asia, a video series for each day of the week was created. Show comments.T here are places in the webosphere like the dumb jock paradise Axeland, where the guys supposedly go to exercise their goofy fantasies about what else but girls.

Then there are the places where the girls hang out… lining up for makeovers, landing themselves in great jobs, showcasing their talents, winning fantastic prizes and even able to freely voice their opinions on any issue under the sun! This is no utopian planet inhabited by women but Sunsilk's new all girl online community 'Gang Of Girls'. Launched on 17 Junethe membership on sunsilkgangofgirls.

The content on the site goes beyond hair care and styling information to blogs, job offers, games and contests. It has all the qualities of a very girlie fun filled space for online interaction, thus catering to the average young urban female.

What's interesting is that it attempts to propagate its brand proposition through a community building exercise among its target group. Among several brands in India that are now opting to go viral through interactive brand portals, Sunsilk has leaped ahead of the rest to create a really involved community.

Commenting on the ideation that went into this project, HLL category head Vipul Chawla said, "This initiative comes from an effort by Sunsilk to develop a greater understanding and connect between the consumer and the brand by building another interface with them. The brand stands for togetherness, fun and expertise and that's what the site seeks to propagate.

A brand tie up with job site Monster. Girls can even showcase their talents to win a hefty prize, currently iPod Shuffles are up for grabs. Beyond beauty, fitness, fashion, relationships, astrology and expert advice from celebrity hair stylist Jawed Habib, the gang blogs and message boards entertain discussions ranging from names for your baby to patriotic themes saluting the 'Spirit of Mumbai.

This too offered hair suggestions and had an active message board where members took discussions beyond hair care. The activity of these members gave an impetus to the brand to take the bold step of establishing a community led website.

B C Web Wise, the creative team behind Sunsilkgangofgirls. In addition, offline consumer research spread across multiple centres was conducted on the brand front. Backed by these learnings, we also conducted focus group research amongst the TG to find out what would get them all kicked up. Every idea that has been expressed online Gang Wars, Makeover machine, etc. In its attempts to restrict the membership to "the ladies", the site has a separate section for "Desperate Guys". Still, these so-called desperadoes are also making their presence felt with a growing membership that currently stands at around 4, The site also claims to have basic and content filters that can be automatically or manually operated for security purposes to block out personal information like phone numbers and email ID's and censor foul language that appears to be a common feature.

With proliferation of media, here's a classic example of a brand that has been willing to experiment with a non-traditional medium and the reach of the internet has allowed Sunsilk to interact with each 'girl' on a personal basis. However, in stating that it is an 'all girl' product, it does in fact isolate that segment of male consumers that pay a good deal of attention to their tresses. The brand has adopted a degree approach to take this huge Gang Of Girls forward through various on air and on ground activities.

Radio promotion was also carried out through Radio Mirchi's programme Khubsurat which had singer Mehnaz come on air with two of her oldest friends promoting the website and the innovative concept of having an online gang.

Mehnaz was also featured in DNA, not to endorse the brand but to spread the campaign. In addition, online promotions were also rolled out on Rediff, Yahoo! But that's not all, the brand still has great plans in the pipeline with a calendar of activities for More immediately however, they plan to add new features to the website, including new tools like gang scopes horoscopesnew hair styles to the makeover machine and content updates.

They also plan to roll out a game show called Crack the Coderoad shows and more locally to partake in college activities by setting up kiosks at college festivals like St Xavier's 'Malhar' in Mumbai.Your question may be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who purchased this item, who are all part of the Amazon community.

Please make sure that you've entered a valid question. You can edit your question or post anyway. Please enter a question. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Directions to use the shampoo: After washing your hair thoroughly take 2 to 3 drops of the shampoo, equal to size of a coin, on your palm.

sunsilk biotin ad girl

Then apply the shampoo gently massaging it all over your hair from the roots to the tips. Leave the shampoo on your hair for a couple of minutes and then rinse it off completely. Unhealthy Hair leads to breakage and can come in the way of hair growth. Francesca Fusco, scalp expert from New York so you have your hair always on your side.

The Longer the better! Buy Now! The conditioner comes with revolutionary conditioner technology for more manageability for oh so manageable hair. Using a conditioner and using it correctly, can make a difference to hair. By conditioning your hair you are ensuring that it behaves just like you want it to, every time your style it. Now get ready to see a more gorgeous you in the mirror. Based on lab test of reduced breakage with Sunsilk system vs. Reduces hair breakage and helps hair reach its natural growth potential.

Unhealthy hair leads to breakage and can come in the way of hair growth. Not anymore. So get ready to see a more gorgeous you in the mirror! Apply a coin sized amount of shampoo. Wash using a rotating finger motion to nourish and cleanse pores. The conditioner comes with revolutionary conditioner technology for oh so manageable hair. Skip to main content. Lower Priced Items to Consider.

Previous page. Next page. Is this helpful? Yes No. Thank you for your feedback. Currently unavailable.This formula nourishes your hair from the roots which helps it grow naturally to its full potential. This shampoo also reduces breakage, making your hair look healthy and lively.

All this goodness is packaged in a bright green bottle with a flip-open cap.

Long And Healthy Growth Shampoo

I have used this product a lot of times and it is a pretty good shampoo. It takes time to show results but after constant usage you will notice a change. It not only regrows the hair but also makes hair strong fro beneath. Sunsilk is a well known brand and its long and healthy Growth shampoo is really effective in hairs growth with regular use It is also very helpful in reducing breakage.

Sunsilk Long and Healthy Growth Shampoo is a amazing product. I have been using this shampoo from a long time and nourishes my hair roots very well. I really love the creamy texture of this shampoo.

sunsilk biotin ad girl

It really works on my scalp and hairs. It reduces the breakage of hairs. I have been useing this shampoo for more than a year now and it does not disappoint me. My hair has become really healthier and lustrous over time. I love it's texture and lather well. Sunsilk is a well-known brand when it comes to hair-related products like shampoos and conditioners. I have been using this Sunsilk Long And Healthy Growth Shampoo shampoo for more than a month now and I do see the repair in my hair tips.

Although I can say anything about hair growth but this shampoo doesn't necessarily damage my hair. I really love the shampoo, I have used this product long back. It did work for me. I really loved the shampoo, and when used in combination with it's conditioner it even works better. In past i had used some of Sunsilk shampoo but i have just loved this particular shampoo. I would definitely recommend everyone to try this shampoo at least once.

You can find this shampoo in average Indian household. It is very pocket friendly product and gives you best result in this price after first wash of your hair you can feel it your hair became very silky and smoother it is also control hair damage. I think in this price range it is the best product with good results.

It's a very good shampoo. It gives soft and smooth finish to hair after hair wash. It gives mild fragrance to hair too. It has same Sunsilk signature fragrance. Hair becomes frizz free. I have oily skalp so it gives good protection too from oily hair.

It promotes hair growth too. It is a great shampoo by sunslik, it controls hairfall it spots breakage, it controls hair damage, it makes it soft and smooth, hair looks shiny, it deeply nourishes hair, it comes at very affordable price, regular use shows best results, it promotes new hair growth and healthy hair. It works slow but almost all shampoo work slowly. It must be use in a week to get a result.

Shampoo have brand sunsilk so useful and great working.I thought that was still short but still gave it a try. I immediately went to the local supermarket to buy a bottle of the shampoo.

I love how the bottle looks really nice. When I used the shampooit smells really good. It smells like flowers and I can still smell the scent of the shampoo hours after using it. The scent is really long -lasting and even when I am all sweaty there is still I really like it. I rarely use a conditioner after using this shampoo because there is really no need for it.

Sunsilk Long And Healthy Growth Shampoo

My hair feels really soft, smooth, and bouncy after using this. After 3 months of using this, I have noticed that my hair is really longer than before. It did not grow an inch and a half, but more! I was really happy and surprised at the same time because it really lived up to my expectations. Another thing that I have noticed is that there were less hair fall.

It really strengthened my hair. I finally found the best shampoo that I can use. I used to changed shampoo all the time, but I will really stick to this one. It was worth the P81 that I have spent and I think that it will work on all hair types because even though I have oily hair, it worked for me. Hi Jelly I think aside from using a hair-growing shampoo, you should use conditioner with it. You can also wash your hair with cold water after every shower.

sunsilk biotin ad girl

Because if you keep those split ends on, I think it will take you forever to grow your hair. The claim that SunSilk Strong and Long Shampoo can make your hair grow an inch and a half longer in three months is false really.

On average Caucasian hair grow little more than 5 inches per year, Asian hair grow about 6 inches per year, and African hair grow 4 inches per year. That is about the same for men and women. Basically, other studies out there also support that, where it is concludes on average human hair growth is 6 inches per a year.Hello ladies! I love long hairso I picked this new shampoo for healthy and growing hair. This Sunsilk shampoo comes in a long, light green colored plastic bottle with a flip top cap.

The bottle looks nice and it comes in various size options. This small bottle is totally easy to carry. Sunsilk shampoos are easily available at stores and they are decently priced too. It has a beautiful, floral scent. The smell stays for a good number of hours in my hair.

sunsilk biotin ad girl

It feels fresh and pleasant. The consistency of this shampoo is medium-creamy white gel which has some shining particles in it. It is easy to use, but some extra amount is needed to create good lather.

Sunsilk TV Ad 1960s

It smoothly glides on scalp and hair. Also, it is easy to rinse. It can nicely clean all the dirt from my hair, and can also clear excess oil from hair. It works well as a hair cleanser and it makes my scalp fresh and clean. But it takes some time to clean my oiled hair. I have normal, smooth hair with dry tips, but the biggest issue with my hair is that it is thin.

So I always like a shampoo that can keep my hair healthy. After using this shampoo, I feel that it works well to keep my hair healthy and soft. It never makes my scalp dry. It works nicely on dry scalp and oily scalp both.

It also controls hair sebum. I have not noticed any extra hair fall either with this shampoo. It makes my hair smooth and soft. It never makes my hair dry but it is not super moisturizing either for extremely dry and damaged hair. A conditioner is needed to lock the hydration in. My normal hair feels soft and silky. But my dry hair ends feel dry, as usual. But, the shine provided is definitely nice.

After using this shampoo for around a month, I have noticed that it promotes hair growth.Share this article. Long And Healthy Growth Shampoo.

For lively, Straight hair that moves with you! More Info. Its most joyful green shampoo pack comes with an easy to handle grip and a wow inside as before. Is It Right For Me? Unhealthy hair leads to breakage and can come in the way of hair growth. Not anymore. So get ready to see a more gorgeous you in the mirror!

Sunsilk Long and Healthy Growth Shampoo Review

How Do I Use It? How to use: 1. Rinse your hair with water. Apply a coin sized amount of shampoo. Wash using a rotating finger motion to nourish and cleanse pores. Rinse with running water till all shampoo is washed off.

The conditioner comes with revolutionary conditioner technology for oh so manageable hair. Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Silicone, Biotin. Long and Healthy To follow our routine, we want our hair to be strong and invincible, like us. Not sure what you are looking for?

Check them out. What are the causes of dry hair? Is your hair dry or dry? Believe it, find out what type your makes all the difference. Incredibly simple tips for having soft hair Weekly moisturizing is one of the secrets to giving back the smoothness your hair needs.


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