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All account types include support and updates for a year and our 30 days money-back guarantee. Compare WPML versions. Available Translate posts, pages and custom types. Available Translate tags, categories and custom taxonomy. Available Translate WordPress menus. Available Standard translation controls.

Available Browser language detection. Available month performance guarantee. Translate yourself: Unlimited languages and words. Available Translate WooCommerce sites. Available Page-builders support. Available Translate custom fields. Available Multilingual E-Commerce Support. Available Translate widgets. Available Translate texts in theme and plugins admin. Available Manage attachments in different languages. Available Multi-user translation management. Automatic machine translation: words between any language pair every month.

Want to learn more first? WPML works great with most themes. We cooperate with theme authors to ensure compatibility and resolve any issues. WPML works great with both single-site and multisite installs. What is the difference between the different account types? Can I upgrade my account later?

Yes, you can always upgrade from a lower-cost account type to a more complete one. When you upgrade, you only need to pay the difference. How do account renewals work? Your account will renew automatically every year, giving you access to new versions of WPML and our support. You need a valid account to download WPML and get our support. Without a valid account, any WPML version that you already downloaded will continue to work normally in your sites.

Nothing will stop working. Please note that a valid account is required to download any WPML version. Without a valid account, you cannot access our downloads section. Will WPML translate my content automatically? You can get machine translation from our Advanced Translation Editor.

You receive a free quota of words every month. For more automatic translation, we offer economic pricing to fit your needs pricing for automatic translation. Will WPML slow down my site? WPML should never slow down your site.If you want to use different media images for different translations of a product, you need to install WPML Media. If you are working with a developer, they should install and setup all the necessary components listed in this section.

You can get all WPML components from your wpml. Got all plugins? WooCommerce Multilingual has a built-in Installer for downloading, activating and updating all of the required plugins. After you activate WooCommerce Multilingual, go to the Plugins page and click the Add new button on top. You will be presented with a list of plugins categorized under different tabs including FeaturedPopularRecommendedFavorites and Commercial.

Once you have bought the plugin and registered your site via your Account page, you will be presented with a list of plugins available to download, activate and update. WooCommerce Multilingual features a Setup Wizard to help guide you through basic steps of configuring your site with WooCommerce Multilingual plugin. Once you activate all the required plugins, the WooCommerce Multilingual Setup Wizard will start automatically. It will help you configure the following settings: Translating store pages, selecting translatable Product Attributes, and enabling the multi-currency mode.

WooCommerce Multilingual will create these pages with the available translated page titles. You can always change the page titles in different languages later. On this page, you will also see warnings about missing translation for taxonomy terms. The theme and plugins in your site often provide these translations but in some cases, you need to do some additional steps.

Most stores are arranged by product categories. Some also use tags. If you are using variations, you are probably using product attributes as well. WooCommerce Multilingual makes it easy to translate all of these. Alternatively, you can set WooCommerce Multilingual to display original product categories, tags and attributes if their translations are not available. First, create the product categories, tags and attributes in the default language, using the standard WooCommerce editing interface.

When creating Attributes, they are marked as translatable by default. You can change this option for each attribute at any time. Hint: product categories, tags and attributes are all stored as WordPress taxonomies. WooCommerce Multilingual includes a convenient interface for translating taxonomy terms. This time, look at the other tabs on the screen. You will see a tab for each of the taxonomy that belongs to your store.WPML is a commercial plugin, designed to make it extremely easy for you to create a WordPress site in several languages.

The default install is available in over 40 languages. Also, it is possible to add your own language variants using their languages editor e. Mexican Spanish or Canadian French.

Simple setup.

wpml price

Add languages, choose language selectors and start translating. Easy of use. This plugin makes content translation easy. You can translate yourself, you can work with a team of translators. Technical support.

They give native-language support in 7 languages. WPML has been around since and powers overcommercial sites. You will always receive updates before WordPress versions arrive.

Multilingual SEO.

The WordPress Multilingual Plugin

This plugin is great for Search Engine Optimization. You can set SEO features for the homepage, categories and internal pages, letting your sites rank high on local search results. Translations appear in their unique URLs and you can put different languages in completely different domains, subdomains or subdirectories.

WPML enables multilingual e-commerce. However, the license is offered for unlimited sites. Also, you can request refunds until 30 days of your purchase date.

Sometimes this plugin can slow the admin panel but not your website. By getting WPML, you actually get a suite of plugins that makes it easy to build multilingual websites with WordPress. The core plugin. It adds the basic translation controls and allows translating content. It allows using the WordPress Gallery in different languages. You can control which images will display for each language. The complete version, Multilingual CMSalso includes:. This plugin allows to translate interface strings without having to use.

It lets you translate texts that are outside of posts and pages for example, the tagline and SEO data. This plugin plugin helps webmasters manage their translation work. They can turn normal users into translators, send jobs to translators and track progress.

This add-on plugin keeps internal links from ever breaking. This plugin adds navigational elements which you can use when building the site: breadcrumbs trail, sidebar navigation and drop-down menus.

A simple setup wizard lets you configure the plugin. When you configure WPML, you need to choose the language of existing content and then, add more languages to the site. To let visitors select their language, you must add a language selector to your theme.Problem: I am trying to create multiple regular prices for a product depending on the language selected.

The WooCommerce product page has an option called "Set prices in other currencies manually". I select that and enter the regular price in a different currency and click Save. Nothing is saved. Everyone can read, but only WPML clients can post here. WPML team is replying on the forum 6 days per week, 22 hours per day.

I am certain this is a simple problem and I must have missed something. I am trying to create multiple regular prices for a product depending on the language selected. I just tried to replicate this situation but I couldn't. To help you faster, I've enabled debug information for this support ticket. It will tell us if there is an interaction issue with other plugin. Its will tell us if there is an interaction issue with your theme.

To enable it, open your wp-config. Change it to:. If you can paste your debug. This is the cleanest way, because sometimes the logs are long and create a complete mess in discussion. Thanks heaps!! This thread is resolved. Here is a description of the problem and solution. This topic contains 5 replies, has 2 voices. Screenshot at 5. August 3, at am Could you kindly advice me what am I doing wrong?

When you try to save this option, is there any error on your browser console? August 3, at pm August 4, at am Thanks for your debug information. Could you please follow these tests: 1. It would be good if you can provide me the WordPress debug.On top of that, WPML starts you off a one-time bonus of free words. As a result, automatic translation is free for sites that translate less than 2, words per month. Keep reading to see how it works.

wpml price

WPML starts you off each month with 2, free words to translate your site. This means that any site that uses 2, words or less each month can use automatic translation for free! The 2, words resets each month. If you use more than 2, words per month, we will charge you according to the following pricing table.

You are charged based on the actual number of words you use in each calendar month. On the 3rd of each month, we will charge you for your usage during the previous calendar month. The system checks how many words you have used and charges you according to the pricing level it falls into. You can also share your automatic translation words between other sites.

wpml price

Click Change your limit and drag your limit to where you would like it to be. Then click Update Limit to save the change. If you have a new automatic translation account and are unable to increase your limit to where you would like it to be, please note this is a security feature for new accounts.

Originally written October 21, Updated October 8, Monthly translation quota.Choose languages for your site and start translating content.

Pricing for automatic translation

WPML comes with over 40 languages. You can arrange different language contents in the same domain in language directoriesin sub-domains or in completely different domains.

Available in the Multilingual CMS version only. Building a multilingual site is the first step. The challenge begins when your clients need to run it. WPML comes with state-of-the-art translation management. You can turn ordinary WordPress users into Translators. Translators can access only specific translation jobs which Translation Managers assign to them. Enjoy complete support for simple and variable products, related products, sales and promotions and everything else that WooCommerce offers.

Running a multilingual e-commerce site with WPML is simple. WPML shows you which texts need translation and builds the complete translated store for you. Visitors will enjoy a fully localized purchase process, starting with the product listing, through the cart and checkout and even localized confirmation emails. You can translate texts in other plugins and in Admin screens directly from the String Translation interface. When translations complete, they appear back in your site, ready for publishing.

Since almost any theme or plugins that you can find works this way, WPML works smoothly without any effort. We offer support for WPML 6 days per week, 19 hours per day and in 9 languages.

We work Monday through Saturday, year round. Sure, we have holidays, but we take shifts and we make sure that your support continues uninterrupted. When you buy WPML, you buy the peace of mind, knowing that any question you have is answered and every problem you encounter is resolved.

Our development team is proactive and works to ensure smooth operation for your site. We release updates ahead of WordPress versions. We work with other plugin and theme authors to ensure compatibility. We respond immediately to security reports. We care about the stability and performance of your sites and we develop WPML to meet your current and future needs.

Powerful Translation Management. Translation for Theme and Plugin Texts. Translate texts coming from your theme and plugins Translating texts coming from a theme. Affordable Professional Translation.

Easily send content for translation to one of the integrated translation services Successfully activated and authorized translation service. If you need help with translation, WPML connects you with leading translation services. Reliable Support and Proactive Development. WPML is our livelihood. We make sure that you enjoy using WPML so that you keep coming back. Ahmed Ibrahim Support Team.

Ahmed Mamdouh Support Team. Ahmed Mohammed Support Team.We didn't have much communication with Dagny, but after having met her in person, we felt like we could ask anything of her. We were really regretful that we didn't get to visit the Nordic Visitor office on our last day to give a video review, and to thank her in person. Have already recommended NV once from our Iceland trip and will absolutely recommend again.

Christoph was also wonderful- did a fantastic job in customizing the trip for us (combination of 2 trips), and was also quick to respond and communicate via email.

We will definitely book again- the only negative is that the time went by too quickly. We have just arrived back from a most memorable and enjoyable trip which you organised for us. Right from the beginning of our email correspondence, we have been impressed by the quality, dedication and effort you have put into making our tour of Scotland enjoyable. Thank you for going beyond what I would normally expect.

The tour and the associated paperwork and maps which you arranged were all marvellous and a good representation of Scotland. Whilst I thought that two days on Skye would be far too long, it was just right. Thank you again for your assistance and I shall endeavour through trip advisor and friends to spread the word about your wonderful company. Nordic appear to be professional, aware of the best locations to visit and stay. The suggested tour is well balanced between places to see and covering the distance.

We were very impressed with the standard of accommodation given that we only booked "standard". We're just on the train back from Edinburgh, and wanted to say a big thank you for all your help organising our trip. We had an amazing time travelling round Scotland, and all the organization couldn't have been better.

Everything went so smoothly - all the information you provided was so detailed and really helped us make the most of our trip. And all the accommodation was just amazing!. We've had such a great time, thank you again for all your help. I will definitely recommend Nordic Visitor to my friends. We were glad to have the printed maps supplied by Nordic Visitor. We were very pleased with the decision to up-grade from 'Standard' to 'Superior' accomodation.

The 'Commodore Class' on the Ferry was very welcome. The car was upgraded as well, fantastic. We loved staying at the Basecamp Trapper's hotel. The place was really interesting and the staff very nice. We pass along a special thanks to Lise at the hotel for her exceptional customer service and friendly personality.

We also enjoyed the trip to Isfjord Radio, our wonderful guide Harri, and the great meals they served.

How to add Language Switcher of WPML \u0026 TranslatePress in your Multilingual Elementor Website?

Our 2 hour maxibus trip around Longyearbyen the day we arrived was a good introduction to the area. We made 2 changes to the package tour itinerary, and they ended up being the best parts of the trip. The first was a hike to Trollsteinen, which we included in our itinerary from the beginning, and it was amazing (for those who love to hike).

The second was a change we made at the last minute. On our last day we were signed up for an ATV trip, but it would have been to basically the same place we had seen the first day on the maxibus trip. We heard about a 10-hour boat trip to Pyramiden and Nordenskjoldbreen and booked it the night before. We loved this trip, with all we learned and the opportunity to see more of Spitsbergen.

It added so much to our Svalbard experience, and we were so grateful we added this in. Something else that we really enjoyed on our trip was the Svalbard museum. It is very well done and we appreciated what we learned here.


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